Have you ever felt overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed during pregnancy or after the birth of your child?


At HaploMind, we want to help mothers like you with an app that supports perinatal depression & anxiety.

Get Screened on time

We enable timely screening for perinatal depression using clinically validated forms and multi-modal methods so that you are always aware of your mental state and can get treated early. All from the comfort of your home.

Get matched to therapies

Just like you, your care during the pregnancy and postpartum period is unique. We offer and match you to different levels of care (self - supported, peer-supported or professional support) according to our analysis and your needs for easy access for care when you need it.

You own your data

We don't own your data, you do. We have a unique not-for-profit cooperative model, where you fully control access to your data and privacy. Tested, secure, and scalable cloud-based open source IT platform hosted in Switzerland.

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